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What Is Predictive Index And Is It GDPR Compliant?

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The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive data protection law that has significant implications for companies worldwide. In In this article, we will explore the ethics and quality behind using assessment tools, as well as the measures Predictive Index takes to comply with GDPR regulations.

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The Importance of Ethics and Quality in Assessment Tools

As businesses increasingly rely on technology and data to drive their operations, the importance of protecting the privacy of individuals has become more critical than ever. In Europe, GDPR has set stringent guidelines for how businesses must handle and process personal data. For companies that use assessment tools such as Predictive Index, ensuring GDPR compliance is a crucial consideration. 

Understanding GDPR Regulations


GDPR was adopted by the European Parliament in 2016 to replace an outdated data protection directive from 1995. The regulation applies to any organization that processes personal data of EU citizens, even if the organization is located outside the EU. It sets out provisions that require businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens and regulates the exportation of personal data outside the EU.

Under the GDPR, the definition of “personal data” is very broad and covers any information related to an identified or identifiable individual, such as names, email addresses, and IP addresses. As a result, businesses that use assessment tools such as Predictive Index must take special care to comply with GDPR regulations.

What is Predictive Index?


The Predictive Index is a talent optimization platform that helps develop and determine the cognitive and behavioural qualities of candidates and employees.  The company was founded more than 60 years ago, and in all that time, their mission has not changed. Their passion, inherited from their founder, is to understand people and teams—specifically what drives behaviors at work. Their quest, is to discover how to impact that behavior, ignite enthusiasm, and align business strategy with talent strategy.

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Simply put, it’s aligning your life goals and ambitions to your career and achieving more sooner.  I empower you to write your own narrative with forward-looking career branding …

Is Predictive Index GDPR Compliant?

Supplying the world with the best candidates remotely

Yes, the Predictive Index is GDPR compliant.

Using assessment tools like those provided by Predictive Index can provide valuable insight into an individual’s potential and contribute to their growth and development in the workplace. However, it’s essential to use these tools ethically and responsibly, with trained professionals conducting analyses and providing feedback. To ensure GDPR compliance, businesses must take special care to protect the personal data and privacy of individuals.

Predictive Index has taken several steps to ensure that it complies with the regulation’s requirements, including:

Data protection by design and default:

The Predictive Index has implemented data protection measures that are built into the product’s design and are enabled by default. This means that data privacy is an integral part of the tool’s functionality, and users don’t need to take any additional steps to protect personal data.

Data processing agreement:

The Predictive Index provides a GDPR-compliant data processing agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of data processing between the company and its customers.

Data subject rights:

The Predictive Index allows data subjects to exercise their GDPR rights, including the right to access, correct, delete, and restrict their personal data processing. The company also provides a mechanism for data subjects to lodge complaints with the relevant supervisory authority.

Third-party data transfers:

The Predictive Index has implemented measures to ensure that third-party data transfers are carried out in compliance with GDPR requirements, including the use of standard contractual clauses.

Data security:

The Predictive Index has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against unauthorized or unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction, or damage.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, the Predictive Index is GDPR compliant and has taken several steps to ensure that its customers’ personal data is protected and processed in accordance with the regulation’s requirements.

In today’s digital age, data privacy and compliance are critical issues that businesses must address. The Predictive Index is a popular workforce assessment tool that helps organizations improve their employee selection, management, and development processes. The company has taken several steps to ensure that it complies with the GDPR’s requirements, including data protection by design and default, data processing agreement, data subject rights, third-party data transfers, and data security.

If you’re interested in using the Predictive Index, you can be confident that the tool is GDPR compliant and takes data privacy seriously. We recommend that you review the company’s privacy policy and terms of use before using the tool to ensure that you understand how your personal data will be processed.

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As a business leader, hiring the right people is a critical component of achieving success. But finding the right person for the job can be a daunting task. While a candidate’s resume can provide some insight, it doesn’t provide a complete picture of their personality traits or learning speed.

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When it comes to predicting future performance, technology is key:

  • Education, years of experience, and references all have low predictive value. Yet, we rely on these for screening early in the recruitment process.
  • Cognitive and Behavioural Assessments, have much higher predictive value, and when combined with interviews, provide the most effective method for predicting future performance.

For me, hiring without the use of psychometric assessments is like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing … and no picture on the box. It’s not fun, it takes longer, and when you are almost finished, you realise you have pieces missing.

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